Dominique Falla: designer, artist (english version)

Dominique Falla is very busy. She does all most everything: Typography, Web Design, Drawing, Painting, Digital Design, Project Management, Teaching, Writing.... Dominique works in a variety of tactile mediums and combines digital creation with analogue output for exhibition and publication. 
She completed her Bachelor of Art, in Graphic Design, and her Masters of Design. She is now undertaking a Doctorate of Visual Arts (DVA) at Griffith University.  Her doctoral research investigates Tactile Typography, for sure she love type! In 2010, Dominique founded the "We Heart" Collective, in which a group of designer/artists collaborate on group exhibitions with shared common themes. She is also a participating designer/artist in the Flat White Spaces project. Now she is a Creative Director, and she evolve on the Design Convener at Griffith University, and contribute to Desktop Magazine online. She just create Postcards from Rome. 

.When creating graphics, what do you feel is the most important aspect: Planning, design or implementation... And why?
With my pieces, planning is very important. I can't really change my mind once something is started so for me the planning is VERY important. Obviously the implementation is what most people get to see, so I would say both of them equally.

.What was your favoite project ?
They are all my favourite project when I start and then I hate them all when I'm doing them and then at the end I either love them or hate them still. It's a very passionate relationship I have with my pieces.

.Where do you go for inspiration? 
I write morning pages every morning in my note book. 3 A4 pages of writing and this taps into my subconscious, which helps me generate ideas. 

.Who is your favourite designer? 
I like anyone who uses unusual materials, so Marian Bantjes and Stefan Sagmeister are the two designers most people would know.

.What are the key things that are essential with typography?
Kerning and letter spacing is the most important. Typeface selection, weight and balance is also important. Matching the personality of the typeface with what the message is saying can help to reinforce the message. A balance of legibility and readability.

.What is the number one thing you would like to tell to new designers?
Do something you love and keep working on personal projects. Submit work for competitions, blogs, build online folios, build your social networks, and keep making new work. If you wait for a client to tell you what to do, you will be very depressed very quickly.

Her new project: Postcards from Rome. 
www.postcardsfromromeproject.com I am fund-raising for a typography workshop in Rome (Italy) and people can participate by requesting I make a postcard artwork for them before May 25. This is run by the School of Visual Arts in New York and one of my typography heroes, Lousie Fili is going to be there. Yay!