Amelie Chabannes: artist (english version)

Let’s do the promoting of a French artist lives in USA. Amelie Chabannes study at ENSAD, Paris and she move in Brooklyn in 2003. She exhibited regularly in France (FIAC, Hussenot Gallery, La Hune Gallery ...). Her themes are related to her personal history with the connections and the disconnections between countries.
It is a fact, in France the young artists struggling to emerge. She took the opportunity to live in a cities where art is riche and promote as London, San Francisco…, and she have the advantage to have great sponsors.
Fallow up, she describe her experience, the way she working... thank you for participating.

. What was your first art production?
A series of photographed installations and after that a precious list series of drawings, it was a real "cadastre"! We was able to found topography on paper, actors, objects, the location of the camera... this was a precise notes of installations facilities and the impact on use.

. How does your work evolve?
I  immediately focused my research on question about the concept of Identity. Conceptually, my work goes tighten around this topic. However, I no longer produces photographs from my first work. I mainly do sculpture, installations and drawings.

. You live in Brooklyn. Why choose this city?
I lived in Manhattan for 2 years. This was too "corporate" for me, the environment too smooth and whit to much Starbucks, etc... When I went to Brooklyn for the first time, I just falling in love! I knew I want to be back here, more ever my boy friend was in the neighborhood, perfect coincidence...
Brooklyn is full of surprises, there is mystery and romanticism. Each district is a different world, there are also some urban anarchy and that's exactly what I like. You can find a no man's land next to a bar floss world. Brooklyn completely satisfied my fantasy of New York. And finally all the people I admire the work are based in Brooklyn, so...

. How come you stay in US?
I just snapped my fingers, took my baggage and left France. I followed a school program in art, then I was lucky enough to be presented quickly in gallery and get a good visa.

. Who are your influences?
A very long list of artists where I add geology, archeology, atoms, space, cave paintings, shamanism and famous explorers! LOL

. Can you tell us your goals in your creation
Now I like to re-thinking and questioning the production process, the artist technic, his particularity, his identity...

. How are you working?
I work every day, listening documentaries in the same time....

. Do you have a secret?
Many and I can’t share!

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