Julien Gachadoat: technology, processing, design (english version)

Julien Gachadoat specialized himself in Processing creation. He is the founder of the multimedia design studio 2Roqs. I met him at the master class Paris Processing, in La Fonderie de L'Image, (he was one of the trainers with Christian Delecluse and German Hartmut Bohnacker.)
For beginners, processing is a simplified open source programming language, created by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry, two American artists. This technique built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. The software runs on Mac, PC and Linux, it’s based on Java. The software is free to download, and a database is accessible to all on different sites.

. What are your influences?
One of my main influences was the art of Demomaking early 90’s .This subculture push me to discover and create animations with computer code. Otherwise I was influenced by graffiti, in general now, I am interested in graphic design and particularly typography.

. Can you tell us your goals in your creation
The studio creations try to mix: public participation, simple usability, and meaning. We pursue our series of typographical installations initiated with Gravity in 2009, using real-time texting from cell phones. 

. What are your favorite tools/software? 
I use daily multiple programming languages for different projects with the studio, these languages are my main tools. Of course, I am particularly attached to Processing, who stay the latest tool for both interactive creation and teaching.

. What's your point of view on digital developments?
The technology is evolving at a very fast speed, and it is interesting to note how much free and open-source projects growing. Once again, I think of Processing, how open the way for such other projects as Openframeworks or Wiring and Arduino, there become a essential web platform for creative and interactive designer. Also, Firefox (web browsers) awakened open source where Internet Explorer having kill it.

. Do you have a secret?
I really don't have secret... I daily checking news about technology, I am aware to emerging new technologies tools. For example, at the moment I look carefully Javascript and WebGL technologies. My curiosity pushes me to test these new tools, and have the a possibility to use it in future designs.

. Do you have any plans for future?
Yes. I still work on digital installations with my studio, some of those should be released in 2012. We just presented our latest installation Aquatypes in São Paulo, Brazil.
In the meantime, I teach interactive programming and currently I working with Mark Webster FAB to developing workshops section. Last July, we organized "Algorithmes Sérigraphiques" in Bordeaux, mixing code and screen printing.
We also put online Processing Cities site, where we regroup initiatives (workshops, conferences) related to digital art creation, in worldwide cities.

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