Jeanne Verdoux: graphic designer in New York (english version)

Introduction en français: Voici une française "expatriée" qui nous décrit son parcours, ses influences… Jeanne Verdoux est graphiste, artiste et professeur à New York.  Et oui, cette fois-ci l'interview se déroule en anglais. Je ne vais pas vous mentir je compte bien développer ce blog dans ce sens. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas cet anglais est compréhensible. Pour illustrer cette interview elle a fournit une illustration réalisée pour le New York Times (journal que je recommande vivement aux Français, pour sa section art.)  

Jeanne Verdoux is a French graphic designer, artist and professor living in New York. You can see her work at www.jeanneverdoux.com and www.todaysdrawing.blogspot.com Thank you for her participation and to provide me explosif illustrations.

. What's your approach between Contemporary Art and Graphic DesignQuelle est votre relation à l'art et comment appréhendez-vous les rapports entre graphisme et art contemporain ?  
I approach Art and Graphic Design in the same way. I make art as a designer and design as an artist. The only difference for me between art and design is the commissioner: if there is one, it's design, if not, it's art.

. What's your influences and your inspirational? Avez-vous une influence particulière ?  
I have many influences in art, design and cinema. Among others, I admire Saul Steinberg for his brilliant drawings, Louise Bourgeois for her mysterious feminine sculptures and Jacques Tati for his magical humor.

. You live in New York (Brooklyn).  Why did you choose your city?  How you get here? J'ai remarqué que vous vivez à New York. Pourquoi cette ville ? Et comment avez vous fait ?  
I grew up in Paris with parents who read the New Yorker and were cinephiles. This had a big impact on my visual culture. After living in Paris and studying in London, New York seemed the only possible destination. I received the 'Villa Medicis Hors-les-Murs' price in 1999 to come to New York. It allowed me start up my work here.

. How you get famous?  Comment vous êtes fait vous connaître ? 
Friends and collaborators, friends of friends and making new connections in the fields I am interested in. Being active and keeping colleagues informed on my production.
What type of clients are you looking for?  Quel style de clients ou de travail recherchez-vous ?  
Clients who have an understanding of my work and are interested by my commentaries on the world. It can be in any field as long as there is room for creativity. I love working for the New York Times, it's like being a journalist communicating with graphic images instead of words.
What secret rules do you live by?  Avez-vous certaines règles, ou un secret ?  
No secrets but some convictions: 
- Know what you want
- Trust yourself
- Work hard
- Be persistent
- Do not get discouraged by rejection

Website links:

New York Magazine: "High priority" Typographic illustration to open The Week, the listings section of New York Magazine. Februrary 2-9, 2005, p. 84

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